News and news

This spring/summer should be interesting.
I've been asked to show with another artist at the Architect's Gallery, I believe in late April and it also looks like I will be guest curating at least one show at the same venue. Details are sketchy for both at the moment and the curatorial effort may well be for the Teddington Society show - which will be some challenge. There are also plans afoot to set up stall at the Affordable Art Fair this October. Another solid opportunity for me as both exhibitor and gallerist. No bias there then...

I've several new paintings under way that will hopefully be ready to include in the above AG show. Under wraps at the moment but previews in due course. Some older ones need attention too but I'm not sure where to take them yet - no, not the skip although at times starting again really does seem the best option. The arrival of Spring should at least herald bountiful productivity and promise for the rest of the year.